Savvy mum shows how to turn McDonald's Happy Meal box into portable plate for car journeys

WE'VE all been there – you've just treated your little one to a McDonald's drive-thru but before you can get home, they're ripped open their Happy Meal and chicken nuggets and chips are now covering the floor of the car.

Sound familiar? Well to avoid needing to deep-clean the car next time you fancy a fast food fix, one mum has revealed how you can turn your child's Happy Meal box into a portable plate.

And trust us, it's a lot easier than it sounds.

Posting on her TikTok channel, mum Rebecca highlighted the hidden tab on the side of Happy Meal boxes which allows you to remove the bottom.

She wrote: "Life hack! Don't forget to pull the tab on the Happy Meal box."

After pulling the tab all the way around the box, Rebecca's child then ate their dinner out of the cardboard plate – and parents pointed out how useful it'd be when eating in the car.

After racking up over 40,000 "likes", one user replied: "Eating my happy meal in the car as a kid could’ve been so much easier if I knew this back then."

Another added: "Definitely saving and going to try and remember for when I'm traveling with my kid and eating in the car."

A third gushed: "This mum thanks you for blowing her mind!!"

"I WORKED at McDonald’s and never knew this," another astounded user wrote.




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