Savvy shopper claims you can exchange worn Nike trainers TWO YEARS after you buy them – and you don’t need a receipt

ONE man has revealed that you can return worn Nike trainers up to two years after wearing them, and we were today-years-old when we discovered this.

To shoppers shock and delight, the man has shared the secret he calls "what Nike doesn't want you to know."

Taking to his TikTok platform, Josh Rincon revealed the Nike policy that means you can return shoes if they have developed a flaw and it is within two years of the manufacturer's date.

Posting under the [email protected] the man acts out a pretend interaction with an employee of the brand.

When told his Nike shoes, which he claims are flawed cannot be returned because of being outside of the 30-day policy the man explains Nike's warranty promise.

"Well let me educate you on something, did you know that Nike has a two-year warranty, so I can actually exchange these shoes and you are obligated to give me new ones," he said.


Asked by the 'retail worker' for a receipt the man replies "I don't need a receipt" opening up the shoe he adds: "you look in here, manufacturer's date, that's all I need."

According to Nike's warranty, shoes can indeed be returned up to two from the manufactures date, "if the item has developed a flaw."

The official warranty states: "If you believe your item is flawed, and it’s within 60 days of your purchase, you can simply return it to us for a full refund. For Nike store purchases, you’ll want to take your item back to the store you bought it from."

It also states: "If it’s been longer than 60 days, and less than two years since the manufacture date (located on the item’s tag), and the item has developed a flaw here's what you need to do: and Nike App Orders: Please contact us to return the item. (This includes digital orders placed at a Nike Store.)

Nike Store Purchases: Even after 60 days, you'll still need to return the item to the Nike store where you made your purchase. If you cannot visit in person, contact the store to discuss your options.

Nike Authorized Store Purchases: Please return your shoes to the original place of purchase. We work with authorized retailers to accept returns for products with a material or workmanship flaw. If you cannot return to the original place of purchase, or if the retailer has referred you back to Nike, you can file a claim."

Josh's video has enlightened many people who did not know about this policy and his post has been viewed a whopping 18.4 million times.

Commenting on his post, one TikTok user said: "I just did this and can confirm it's true."

"I'm off to Nike" commented another.

"That's crazy I didn't know" commented a third.

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