Savvy shoppers show off their huge Asda kids’ clothing hauls as prices are slashed to 50p

MUMS are raving about Asda’s massive sale – with savvy shoppers stocking up for the year ahead after prices were slashed to just 50p. 

The supermarket has discounted hundreds of kids’ essentials, alongside some festive gear, with some items up to 70 per cent off. 

Taking to Facebook, one mum showed off her epic haul where she bagged £221.50 worth of goodies for just £62.50 – as she shared her tips to find the best deals.

She wrote on Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK: "My bargains from Asda today. Suggestion to find out when your store is having a sale mine has an Instagram page where they announce when setting up the night before the sale.

"Every store may not do it but worth following if they have one!

"Dresses – £6 was £18. Hair bushes 3 for 2 £2. Boys shoes £2-£4. Girls shoes £2-£4. Girls coat £5 was £16. Dad's socks 50p was £2.

"All I want for Christmas top £1 was £3.25. Tea towels £3 was £4. Should have all been £221.50 only paid £62.50."

Another mum managed to buy five pairs of shoes for just £26 – saving herself £75. 

Sharing her haul to Facebook group Latest Deals, Extreme Couponing & Bargains, she said: “Asda have a sale on kids shoes online right now! Just saved £75.

“(There is more styles on website than what I bought.)”

A fellow mum stocked up on baby clothes, saying: “Asda £1.50 each should have been £38 I paid £6….

“I was surprised myself to see the yellow but hey wasn’t gonna argue it was in 2 whole rails of items all with yellow stickers.”

While this shopper said: “Asda Christmas clothes on sale in store. Adults too but didn't get a picture!”

One of the cheapest items in the sale is a pair of festive socks for 50p, while a T-shirt – also featuring a Christmassy design – has been slashed from £5 to just £1.50.

Thousands of people have liked the posts online, desperate to get their hands on some bargains. 

  • Fir Tree Print Socks, Asda, 50p – buy now

  • Red Pudding Football Xmas Goals Slogan T-Shirt, Asda, £1.50 – buy now

One mum said: “Wow I got my little girl all those bits when they were full price! Really good wearing you got an absolute bargain!!!”

Another wrote: “Need to go look in Asda!!.”

A third commented: “So jealous.”

Someone else posted: “Guess where I’m going tomorrow.” 

Asda is running the sale both in-store and online, with some of the most popular styles selling out on the website – so head down to your nearest store to hunt for bargains.

And mums have also been hitting up Sainsbury’s massive sale with kids & adult clothes now half price.

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