Secret hack to get 50 per cent off IKEA furniture – & some items are already built

LOVE IKEA? Did you know there is a way to pick up the shop’s famous furniture for up to 50 per cent off?

A shopper has revealed the handy part of the store which features rugs, chairs, lamps and more for bargain prices.

TikTok user @kelseyvenkov explained: “One of my favourite secrets about IKEA that some of you probably already know about is the ‘As Is’ department.

“It’s a section where most of their things are 50 per cent off.

“It’s really cool because you can find things that you are looking for that are discontinued, like different rugs, different chairs, whatever it may be for a way lower price.

“You never know what you’re going to find. Some of their products are still in the boxes.

“I once found an entire Pax system for 50 per cent off, so really you can strike gold here.”

Perfect for those who dislike having to construct IKEA furniture, the best part of the section is items are already built.

She added: “If you are on a budget, this is the place to check.”

Her video has racked up over 50,000 likes, with one person saying: “Why have I never seen this section before?”

Another added: “Brilliant! I was not aware of this.”

According to Refinery29, IKEA uses their “As Is” section to sell second hand furniture that is in a good quality, as part of their Buy Back initiative.

The Buy Back scheme allows customers to sell back their unwanted furniture to its stores in the UK and Ireland.

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