Self-protective, loving and intimate: What Kate and Wills’ body language with their new baby boy reveals

The Duke of Cambridge, 35, looked loving as he held wife Kate, 36, who gave birth to a baby boy just after 11am today, but also signalled they may not want a fourth child with a self-protective gesture.

Speaking to the Sun Online, author Judi James has revealed the signals the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge gave with their tiny gestures.

The happy couple emerged from the private Lindo Wing, at St Mary's Hospital, London, just before 6pm today – as they showed their son off to the waiting crowds.

Around an hour and a half earlier, Wills had brought Prince George, four, and Princess Charlotte, two, to meet their baby brother – and played the confident dad-of-three as he led them up the hospital steps.

But his body language totally changed when Kate joined him on the steps – according to Judi.

She said: "With her choice of a striking red dress and killer heels for her hospital exit outfit Kate seemed to have been keen to signal an anxiety-free approach to the birth of her third baby.

"Although the royal couple's body language might have suggested this birth had a more profound effect on them than expected.

"One minute William was leaping down the steps to collect the small siblings with his arms swinging like pendulums to suggest the look of a jaunty, confident dad-of-three.

"But when he emerged from the doors again with Kate and the new baby his gestures hinted that he might have been a little more subdued and even love-struck.

"Kate and William's touch and embrace rituals were a lot more openly loving and intimate than usual.

"William gently rubbed Kate's back as they stood together on the steps and when they walked to the car he carried the baby in its carrier in his left hand so he could hold Kate's hand with entwined fingers, suggesting a very deep level of affection and empathy.

"It was his pose on the stairs when they first emerged that could have been the most telling though.

"There was a moment when they showed the new baby to the world when William stood slightly away from his wife with his hands clasped across his lower torso in the 'fig leaf' pose.

"This is a strongly self-protective barrier gesture which could be signalling that three babies are enough for the royal couple!"

Judi previously revealed what Meghan Markle’s guarded hand gestures say about her upcoming wedding.

While the Duchess of Cambridge paid a touching tribute to Princess Diana in the red and white dress she wore today.

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