Sexpert reveals the weird things which could help spice up your love life – and why socks and cushions are key

A SEX expert has revealed her surprisising tip for making a romp more enjoyable – wearing socks.

Nadia Bokody, 36, is a self-professed sex-positive journalist who recently revealed the sex hack in a clip on her Youtube channel.

She explained that wearing socks can really help to heat things up in the bedroom – quite literally.

Speaking on her channel, she explained: “It’s very hard for us to warm up adequately if we have cold feet.

“Researchers found that women are cold it’s very very difficult for us to relax enough to get to orgasm.

“So next time you are struggling to reach climax, you might want to check in on if you’re feeling cold.

“If you are you might want to go ahead and reach for a nice pair of warm fluffy socks.”

The sexpert also recommended replacing lube with coconut oil if you have run out.

Not only does it smell great but it will make sex far more comfortable – but she warns that it is not compatible with condoms.

And she said a cushion could be a "game-changer" to having better orgasms.

She said: “When you use a regular cushion what you’re doing is elevating your bum for penetration which we know hits the G-spot."

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