Shay Mitchell’s Vintage Britney Spears T-shirt Is Everything

It’s no surprise when celebs have their very own merchandise. After all, there are plenty of people who will happily wear a T-shirt with Taylor Swift’s or Nicki Minaj’s face on it. But what about when the celebrities are the ones wearing the merch to support other celebs? We’ve spotted everyone from Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian to Rihanna and Beyonce showin’ their love for their fellow artists!

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Now it’s important to note that these celebs aren’t just wearing stars’ faces on a T-shirt to take a mid-day nap. They’re doing it to show their love for another member of pop culture (lookin’ at you, Brooke Shields) or as a political statement like Rihanna to give a shoutout to Hilary Clinton. Some even turn it into a mutual love fest (see Tiffani Thiessan and Justin Bieber, who have both sported each other’s faces).

We’ll never get enough of celebs supporting celebs! So if you’re looking to add a new (or vintage!) celebrity T-shirt to your wardrobe, consider the following as inspiration. Keep scrolling for some of our favorite “celebs wearing celebs” moments.

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