Shoppers poke fun at new ASOS line for looking like an ASDA uniform – The Sun

SHOPPERS are mocking ASOS’ latest range for looking suspiciously like a uniform for ASDA workers.

The neon green T-shirt and gilet – with green trim – has been compared the supermarket’s iconic uniform.

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An eagle eyed shopper shared a snap of the ensemble to Twitter, saying: “Loving the ASOS Asda range.”

The outfit in question is the sleeveless jacket in black borg with neon trim, costing £11, which has been styled with a neon green T-shirt.

After the similarity was pointed out, the e-tailer saw the funny side as they reposted the outfit saying: “Maybe a future collab Asda ?”

More than 8,000 people have liked the post and have commented on the snap, with some even offering to sell their old uniform.

One person said: “Gutted I gave mine back now.”

Someone else wrote: “Probably still got some of my old Asda uniform somewhere if anyone wants it, will save you a few quid."

A third commented: “Time to dig out that old uniform!”

Somebody else posted: “Your uniform is becoming fashionable.”

Another added: “Deffo looks like my Asda uniform.”

While this person said: “Wore this to Asda the other day turns out I’m now covering Sarah’s shift on Friday thanks ASOS.”

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