Spooked woman almost runs out of ‘haunted’ house naked after spotting figure in the window… but what’s REALLY going on?

A WOMAN has revealed how she almost ran out of her house NAKED after spotting a spooky figure in her window.

Taking to Twitter user @august_reigns shared a snap of her window which appears to show a demon nun peering back at her.

Captioning the tweet, she wrote: “I almost left my whole family in this house ? naked & all ??”

The spooky figure was, in actual fact, a reflection from her TV which was displaying a still from the 2019 movie A Nun’s Curse.

The tweet has since gone viral amassing over 443,000 likes and thousands of comments from followers that were equally freaked out.


“I would’ve been gone before I even had the chance to realize that b**** was a reflection” added another.

Meanwhile, there were some who argued that she wasn’t seeing a reflection at all.

One tweeted: “On the screen she’s frowning but the reflection there’s a slight grin.”

“To be absolutely honest, I’m not all that sure it’s a reflection, I think it’s time to move out” added another.

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