Stacey Solomon fans rave about her 'game-changing' washing hack which means you'll NEVER have to fold clothes again

WE can safely assume that doing the laundry is one chore most people hate doing – particularly the ironing and folding required once the clothes have finished drying.

But Stacey Solomon, 31, is nothing if not a whizz when it comes to household hacks, and fans of hers are raving about a "game-changing" hack which could make the job a breeze.

Emma Louise Cooper posted in a Stacey Solomon fan group on Facebook and revealed the clever way she hangs the washing on the line, which means you'll never have to iron or fold clothes again.

The tip is one the Loose Women star herself shared on her Instagram Stories, and now people nationwide are copying.

"I saw Stacey do this once on her story's and decided to give it a go, game changer," Emma wrote in the Stacey Solomon Inspired Organising/Clean Home Tips And Tricks group.

Rather than pegging clothes on the line, the mum first put them on hangers straight out of the wash, which she then hung on the line.

This means you'll avoid getting creases where you place the pegs, and since they're already on hangers, you can pop them straight in your wardrobe – no sorting or folding necessary.

To stop the hangers from sliding about, Emma put pegs on either side to secure them in place – so the method is foolproof, really.

Explaining why she loves it so much, Emma wrote in the comments: "For me and my family it is, less ironing, more on top of washing as more space on line, kids easily put their clothes away, one is autistic and can't manage to coordinate hanging clothes on hangers and it's now the weekend and I haven't got a big pile of clothes to put away!

"5 in our household and working 45-50 hour weeks so for me it is exactly that, a game changer."

The hack was a hit with other Stacey fans who raved about the "genius" method.

"I am defo going to try this…. less ironing too fingers crossed," one said, felling pretty optimistic.

A second said: "Oh wow! What a fabulous idea! I love it! My family are going to laugh at this too! Double winner!"

"Wow brilliant idea! Are these specific pegs ? Thanks for sharing I havent had any house tips passed on for various reasons so I find posts like this so helpful," a third added.

But already way ahead of time and familiar with the method, one person shared: "[You] can also get much more on the line."

While another admitted: "Iv always done this it saves loads of time."

Sharing her own tips, another woman said: "I use coathangers for jumpers or delicate clothes that will get peg marks, but I also hang and peg my washing inside out, so the sun won't fade it. "

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