How to stop moths eating your clothes and how do you get rid of them from your house?

This is how you can prevent the annoying insects from bugging you once and for all…

How to stop moths eating your clothes?

Moths in your wardrobe is the biggest crime against fashion since Jodie Marsh stepped out in two strategically placed belts and called it a top.

The first thing to know when fighting the good fight is that if you spot a moth in your house – it's probably not a clothes moth.

The kind that nibble on your knickers actually hate light so you're unlikely to see them flapping about.

If you're packing away your clothes for the winter it's a good idea to wash anything that you've worn to make sure there are no moth and beetle eggs lurking in the material.

Packing your clothes in plastic bags and airtight boxes is also a great way to maximise their chances of making it through the winter alive.

There are some classic products you can use too, you probably remember them from your granny's house.

Cedarwood is a standard option – it contains natural oils that tackle moth larvae.

Mothballs are another typical choice, although these days they are increasingly unpopular as they include pesticides that can be harmful to people and pets.

Our favourite of the options is a cheeky sprig of lavender – not only will it smell like a dewy morning in the French countryside but it'll also repel those clothes moths.


How do you get rid of moths from your house?

Manage the moths by making sure you keep things clean.

The insects thrive when there are food spills or other enticing scents so make sure you have a deep clean regularly to keep them at bay.

In a similar vein making sure you vacuum regularly will do wonders for keeping the pests away.

If worst comes to absolute worst and you just can't shift the aerial eaters you may have to call in the exterminators.


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