I AM IN Swanston Street, Parkville.

Brie Harrison.

Brie Harrison.

I AM a physiotherapy student.

I AM WEARING a top from Ruby, which is a New Zealand designer brand. I'm in love with the sleeves, the detailing and patterns. My leopard-print skirt is from Runway Scout, which is an online boutique. My shoes are from Converse, my bag is a mushroom colour and it's from Status Anxiety.

MY STYLE IS pretty much anything that's on-trend. I'm a fan of prints but I generally go for more neutral tones. The pink today is a bit out of my comfort zone, I normally wear the standard black, white and grey but I wanted to brighten things up a bit.

I ADMIRE THE STYLE OF heaps of people on Instagram: Laura Hadlow and a bunch of Kiwi bloggers.

MY FAVOURITE PLACES TO SHOP Ruby, it's such an amazing New Zealand brand. One of the nice things about moving to New Zealand is there are heaps of little pop-up designer stores, but when I come back to Australia I get to shop in the big department stores like Zara. I'm also very much an online shopper.

MY BIGGEST FASHION MISTAKE WAS those leggings that had a picture of the galaxy on them. I saw a photo the other day and I couldn't believe I bought them, they were hideous and so expensive.

WHEN I WAS A KID I WORE good old OshKosh B'Gosh, also leggings and skirts.

I WOULD NEVER BE CAUGHT DEAD IN runners and jeans or Crocs and socks.

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