Teen catwalk stars turned into anorexic ‘living corpses’ after being ‘told to lose weight’ by modelling school show off remarkable recovery

Russian cat walk stars Masha and Dasha Ledeneva, both 15, were diagnosed with anorexia after appearing on a Moscow talk show last year.

As the girls strutted around in bikinis, Dasha admitted she "feared putting on extra weight" – and both hung their heads in silence when asked if they were scared they might die.

Their gaunt frames caused crave concern for their health and when Dasha collapsed shortly after coming off the catwalk, the pair were rushed to hospital.

They spent their 15th birthday there and the majority of the festive season, after a doctor said their hearts were in danger as a result of their dramatic weight loss.

Dasha's weight had dropped to just 5st 11lbs (36.8kg) after pressure was piled on them to lose weight if they wanted a successful career as a catwalk model.

Masha said they had been told to "lose a couple of kilos each" when when they weighed 7st 12lbs (50kg).

Dasha already weighed less than her sister, but thought she too should lose weight if her sister was.

The twins thanked Russian campaigner and former reality TV star Marina Kokhno – who publicly fought for them to receive emergency treatment – for saving their lives.

Kokhno overcame anorexia herself in the past, and posted on Instagram: "A miracle happened the day before yesterday – the twins were discharged from hospital.

"All of you remember in what a grave state the girls were when we brought them to Moscow and they were diagnosed with anorexia.

"Today we all sat together in Chaihona (restaurant) having a pizza."

She added that Masha and Dasha are now preparing for a "new happy and healthy chapter of their lives".

Dasha praised Kokhno for supporting them throughout their "difficult times", adding: "This experience showed us how to love life and who are our real friends are.

"I want to say huge thanks to (Maria Kokhno) – you are the best. We feel great."

Following their appearance on Russian TV, Oskar Kuchera, a presenter on state-run Russian channel NTV, described the twins as "only skin and bone".

She said they "didn't notice the moment when they turned into living skeletons", adding: "The attractive long-legged twin sisters were catwalk stars at the age of 14.

"Today they are barely standing on their feet. They don't have enough strength to keep their heads up."

The twins' mum Natalia said it was the fault of the head of their modelling school and agency for urging the teenagers to lose weight and recalled carrying the girls into hospital with her husband.

What is anorexia?

  • Anorexia is an eating disorder and serious mental health condition.
  • People mainly try to keep their weight as low as possible by not eating enough or exercising to excess.
  • Sufferers often have a distorted body image and can think theyare fateven when they're underweight.
  • Both men and women can suffer from the condition and it most often starts in the mid-teens.
  • Signs someone could be suffering from anorexia include missing meals and eating very little, taking medication to reduce hunger, periods stopping, hair loss or dizziness.
  • Health risks include problems with muscles and bones, fertility problems, an irregular heartbreat and even seizures.

"I was crying all summer long, every single day," she said.

"Natalia just did not want to believe that her girls were ill," she said.

"I don't want to blame her but everybody knows that she is guilty."

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