The lazy girl’s guide to brunch outfits that are both comfortable and cool

Written by Naomi May

Deciding where to eat for brunch isn’t the only difficult decision to make – so too is deciding what to wear. Consider this your lazy girl’s guide to brunch dressing to make it that little bit easier.

Ah, brunch. That delicious mealtime sweet spot between breakfast and lunch when the usual rules do not, and need not, apply.

This sensual time of day is dedicated to either flat whites or mimosas – depending on who you’re brunching with – and avo toast or chocolate pancakes. It’s the rip-up-the-rulebook time of day that requires attendees to simply roll out of bed and into their first feast of the day. In short, brunching is a true highlight of modern civilisation.

Once you’ve decided on your location and gathered together your favourite circle of friends to eat with you, the next big stumbling block is your outfit. Because just what does somebody wear to a meal that’s halfway between breakfast and lunch? The outfit deliberation is almost as indecisive as the in-between meal itself.

That’s precisely the reason we’ve compiled this, the lazy girl’s guide to brunch dressing, which will take the headache out of deciding what to wear as a lady that brunches. All that’s required of you is that all-important drinks order: coffee or mimosa?  

Wear a do-it-all-dress

Do-it-all dresses are a no-brainer for easy brunch dates.

Now look, by this point the virtues of the humble but hard-working do-it-all dress have been extolled at large. But brunch is precisely the occasion to peddle out your best and finest, particularly because the chances of brunch graduating to the bar tend to be high. The key is to keep yours breezy and voluminous; easy to throw on and easy to throw off after a pile of blueberry pancakes. 

Throw on an easy-breezy cotton shirt 

A breezy cotton shirt can easily be thrown on over a dress, jeans or trousers.

Breezy cotton shirts are a sartorial no-brainer during the warmer months, but particularly during the middle of the day when the weather often hasn’t quite made its mind up yet. Opt for bright bursts of fruity shades in the same hues of the juice (or cocktails) that you hope to be sipping on. 

Keep it cool in cargos 

Cargos are having a moment thanks to the 00s renaissance this summer and they’re a dream to wear for a bottomless brunch.

Cargo trousers are the latest to be dragged out of the 00s grave and have new life breathed into them. They’re the perfect accoutrement for any and all types of brunch, most notably because they’re oversized, attention-seeking and will help sport you from morning into afternoon in style. 

Slip into a simple dress

A slip dress is a simple style staple that makes brunch dressing a breeze.

Don’t underestimate the perennial staying power of a simple slip dress, arguably summer’s most tenacious staple. For brunch in the sun (take it from a seasoned pro, ensure the weather’s sunny before you slip into this simple midi), look to a 90s-inspired satin dress. The most effortless but impactful dress of all. 

Opt for a throw-on-and-go jacket

A statement throw-on-and-go jacket will keep any brunchtime chills at bay.

Let’s get real: as much as we hope and pray that the heatwave will continue long into the summer so that we can continue to bask in the sun’s rays, living in the UK makes that highly unlikely. Fear not, though, fashion lovers, for a style set-approved varsity jacket is crying out to be draped over your shoulders to keep the chill at bay during brunch. All that’s required of you is to raise a glass (it’s a hard life). 

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