The star sign you should marry based on your sun sign

CHOOSING someone you want to spend the rest of your life with isn't easy.

How can we possibly know if Keith from accounts is going to be a better match than Nigel from Zumba? That lycra though…

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Marriage material

Getting married is one of the biggest decisions we'll make in our lives.

Luckily, the stars can guide us. By using our sun sign, that's the main sign of the zodiac we read in our horoscopes, we can see what sign will see us skipping down the aisle and saying yes to the dress!


Fire sign Aries creates maximum passion, but you are very competitive.

You'd like to marry someone who encourages your spontaneity, making free-spirited Aquarius a perfect partner.


Committed Taurus looks for stability, which is why getting hitched to a Cancer is a great choice for you.

Expect them to pop the question quickly as you both want to feel secure like, yesterday.


Gemini's non-stop ideas and chatty charm needs a brainy partner on their wavelength.

Diligent Virgo makes a great hubby or wife as they love long, interesting conversations as much as you do.

List of 12 star signs

The traditional dates used by Mystic Meg for each sign are below.

  • Capricorn: December 22 – January 20
  • Aquarius: January 21 – February 18
  • Pisces: February 19 – March 20
  • Aries: March 21 – April 20
  • Taurus: April 21 – May 21
  • Gemini: May 22 – June 21
  • Cancer:  June 22 – July 22
  • Leo: July 23 – August 23
  • Virgo: August 24 – September 22
  • Libra: September 23 – October 23
  • Scorpio: October 24 – November 22
  • Sagittarius: November 23 – December 21


Cancer values the security that comes with having a family and so strong and dependable Libra makes a great marriage choice.

However, if you're one of those romantic Cancerians you may prefer a Pisces who will put rose petals in your honeymoon suite.


Glamorous Leo loves to be the boss so they'll be well suited to a sign that lets them lap up the limelight.

Aquarius is a great match for our lovely lions because they will love your amazing creativity while giving you space to shine.


Detail-driven Virgo keeps all the receipts but by marrying a go-with-the-flow Pisces they can loosen up at little.

Expect to have the best of both worlds with this sign, which will offer you a new sense of freedom.


Sociable Libra likes to think things through – a lot. You strive to create a sense of balance so marrying a fire sign would provide the perfect ying to your yang.

Fire Aries makes a great match for you to make sure your wedding night goes off with a bang!


Passionate Scorpio likes to be kept in the know. You need someone who understands your deep emotions.

A strong and steady Taurus will let you open their heart to them – great marriage potential.


Wanderlust is a Sagiattrian's joie de vivre and so they need someone who has been bitten just as hard by the travel bug.

A fellow Sagittarius would have no problem matching their energy and just think of the where they'd go on their honeymoon!


Patient Capricorn won't be rushing to sashay down the aisle. They are incredibly driven and focused and would make a great partner for Taurus.

They can help Capricorn fulfil their most outlandish ambitions all while keeping their feet on the ground.


Deep-thinking Aquarius needs an intellectual match. Quick-witted Gemini would make a great marriage partner.

They can match you for word and read the papers with you as you snuggle up on a lazy Sunday morning.


Dreamy Pisces has a quirky, artistic nature that needs to be respected.

Water sign Scorpio will listen to all your musings and make sure your marriage is full of delightful twists and turns.

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