These Pants Look Like Office Wear but Feel Like Yoga Pants, According to Reviewers

I'd like to say I was the person who religiously got dressed every morning while working from my desk at home, but 90 percent of my WFH outfits were business up top and these-could-be-pajamas down below. And now that many of us are slowly migrating our way back to the office, we're having to remember what work attire is all over again. If you're less than thrilled at the idea of trading out your sweats for slacks, Amazon reviewers have found a pair of pants that will make the transition a piece of cake. 

Grace Karin's paper bag waist pants are "like wearing yoga pants to work," according to one reviewer. And they're not alone with this thought, as at least a dozen others mentioned something about the pants' comfort level being on par with ones you wear to workout. This is quite a win, considering they're cut in a style that is suitable for every in-person work meeting, presentation, and Friday happy hour on your calendar.

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Polyester and a little bit of spandex are what make these trousers so comfortable. There is just enough stretch to deem traditional work slacks obsolete, but the pants are fitted and sleek enough to camouflage the fact that they're comfortable. The elasticated waist and tie belt also make it easy to loosen and tighten the fit.

The tailored silhouette also renders plenty of outfit appreciation from others. "These pants are so cute, and they have pockets," described a shopper. "I am an event planner and wore them to a corporate conference with booties and received so many compliments (even an email asking where to buy)!"

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You can also get away with wearing these pants every day of the week. How? There are 30 different colors to choose from — so technically you could have a different shade of comfy work pants for the whole month. And this is important information for you to know, as reviewers have claimed they can't stop buying them.

"I started with a black pair, I then bought a pair in light blue, and I just ordered another in orange," wrote one person. Another shopper admitted that they ended up buying four pairs since they "love [the pants] so much."  

You can stay comfy while at the office without looking like you are (talk about a fashion hack) with a pair of these paper bag work pants. No one will ever know — except the 10 people who ask you where they can get a pair. 

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