This is Not A Costume: Tiffany Haddish Checks Reporter About Her Evening Gown

We were excited to see many of our favorite celebs attend the red carpet this year, and the 2022 Academy Awards red carpet was jam-packed with mostly hits and very few misses. The 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar celebration, in addition to the amazing red carpet event, was equally as spectacular, with stunning gowns and suits that turned heads.

However, one reporter’s account of Tiffany Haddish’s gown required correction.

“You did a little costume change?” Lauren Zima of Entertainment Tonight asked Haddish during an interview. 

“I’m not wearing a costume,” says the Girl’s Trip actress. “I’m wearing Dolce & Gabbana.”  She continued, “It’s called an evening gown darling. No one’s paying me for this, I paid for it— it’s custom.”

The bejeweled brilliant green strapless dress, styled by Wayman + Micah, was actually custom built to suit Haddish to perfection. Ray Christopher’s short platinum blond waves and Mali Magic’s gentle makeup made her look absolutely beautiful. 

Zima, seemed to be humbled by the response stating, “ Time of death for me, right now. You look gorgeous.”

Haddish playfully and honestly shared that her look was hard-earned and deserved respect. “This what fame looks like. This what success looks like. This what money looks like.” 

Yes, she ready and she’s wealthy!

See the conversation between the two ladies below.

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