This Old Navy Fleece Jacket Is Perfect For Spring — Ahem, It's on Sale, Too!

This Old Navy Fleece Jacket Is Perfect For Spring — Ahem, It’s on Sale, Too!

I see cozy fleece jackets everywhere I look. On some of my favorite fashionable influencers, on celebrities, and definitely all over my neighborhood. They’re great to wear during transitional seasons because the weather can fluctuate so much on any given day. I’ve been looking for the perfect fleece jacket that I can wear unbuttoned when it’s warm, and completely shut when it’s breezy out, and I have definitely found it.

To be fair, I saw a few celebrities wearing it so I can’t take credit for the discovery, but nonetheless, I’m here to share the news about the Old Navy Sherpa Coat ($25-$50). It has a mock neck that makes it look extra sharp, and my favorite detail is the contrasting twill trim that runs along the collar, placket, sleeve cuffs, pockets, and hem. And in terms of warmth, the outer layer is sherpa with faux-suede lining. It’s just so so dreamy, and I can’t wait to wear it all Spring long with white denim, over floral dresses with a pair of heavy combat boots, and even to run errands. It’s so much sharper than tossing on a sweatshirt, and considerably warmer than a denim jacket. If you haven’t yet found that perfect Spring jacket, this is it.

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