These are the top 10 tattoo trends of 2018 so far… from Japanese inks to 3D 'realism' body art

Those behind the Tattoodo app – the biggest online community for body art fans – have crunched the numbers to see what everyone's getting inked this year.

From Japanese themed tatts to stunning 3D 'realism' inks, here's what's on-point right now, according to their 20million monthly users…

10. Illustrative

Inspired by antique etchings, woodblocks or simple sketches, illustrative tattoos look like the pieces have been etched on with a pencil.

They use linework as the main design element – like this simple living room scene.

9. Japanese

This ancient style of Japanese inks has been around as long as we've been capable of doing tattoos.

With the design inspired by folklore, dragons and the popular Koi fish, every tattoo is unique.

8. Traditional

Bold, clean black lines are the key feature of this tattoo.

There's a narrow range of colours for these tattoos – red, green, yellow and blue – while American motives and sailor icons stand out.

7. Neo Traditional

The tattoos are inspired by a mixture of the Art Noveau and Art Deco movements, and a more traditional style.

These inks are very colourful and include stand-out features like pearls and filigree.

6. Watercolour

The watercolour style allows artist to be more creative and free-flowing with these tattoos.

If done well, they should look like a watercolour painting has actually been applied to the skin.

5. Dotwork

Seemingly endless streams of dots are the signature of these tatts.

The tiny spots of ink can be used for both shading and lines.

4. Black and Grey

Shades, shades and more shades – that's they key here.

Using black and grey ink to fill in the shades creates a special depth to every tattoo.

The tattoos might include styles like realism, dotwork, linework and other styles – but the essence lies within the shades.

3. Fine Line

These inks rely on varying needle sizes to create the intricate details.

It may take a few hours, but the finished results are totally jaw-dropping.

2. Blackwork

Think black on black, with bold lines creating striking pieces.

Artists may use Fine Line or Realism techniques for the finer details.

1. Realism

These inks take their inspiration from detailed photos or even real-life models.

The tattoos are painfully time consuming and often 3D, to make them really come to life.

Overall, it seems like detailed tattoos are definitely 'in' right now – so which is your favourite look?

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