Tricky spelling test asks you to choose the right health term – and people can’t believe how hard it is

THERE'S nothing like a spelling test to pass the time in lockdown… that is, until we tried this tricky brainteaser.

Posted on trivia site Playbuzz, this 15-question test asks players to pick the correct spelling of a medical term.

But while that might sound simple enough, it's actually a lot harder than it seems.

Starting off with some easier options to lull players into a false sense of security, the quiz then challenges players to pick the correct spelling of medical conditions.

Kicking off the quiz, creator Cody Bass says only "quarantined competitive spellers can ace this quiz."

So how well will YOU do?


  1. Majority
  2. Biomedical
  3. Prevailing
  4. Nostrum
  5. Domestication
  6. Penicillin
  7. Cataclysm
  8. Neurology
  9. Catastrophe
  10. Diagnosis
  11. Pneumonia
  12. Therapeutic
  13. Bacterial
  14. Chronic
  15. Imminent

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