Viewers 'screaming at the TV' after bloke walks away from 'easy' £1 million question on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

VIEWERS were left ‘screaming at their TV’ after a contestant walked away from an ‘easy’ £1 million question on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

Davyth Fear, from Caernarfon, Wales, made it all the way to the end in last night’s gripping episode of the game show, hosted by Jeremy Clarkson. 

Davyth flew through the rounds, using his ask the audience lifeline on the penultimate question about condiments, 50:50 on question eight about Al Capone, and he asked Jeremy on question nine about Aerosmith. 

But still he had one lifeline left when it came to the ultimate question, with the rebooted series featuring four options. 

The retired geography teacher had won himself £500,000, but was unsure over the final question – despite some people calling it ‘easy’. 

Jeremy Clarkson read out the question, saying: “Which of these people was born the same year as Queen Elizabeth II?”

The four options were Audrey Hepburn, Judy Garland, Julie Andrews and Marilyn Monroe. 

Davyth thought the answer was Audrey, but decided to use his remaining lifeline – phone a friend – to check. 

But after his friend thought the answer was Judy Garland, Davyth had second thoughts about playing and decided to walk away with a cool half a million, rather than dropping down to £32,000 if he got it wrong. 

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire questions

1. Fastest Fingers First question 

Starting with the earliest in the year, put the following greetings cards in the order they would typically appear in UK shops. 

A: Christmas B: Valentine's Day C: Mother's Day D: Father's Day

2.  (£100) 'Extra virgin' is considered to be the best type of which food?

A: Bananas B: Olive oil C: Marmalade D: Pork chops

3. (£200) Which of these is used as a symbol of surrender of truce?

A: White flag B: Blue banner C: Green emblem • D: Yellow jack

4. (£300) The golfer born Eldrick Tont Woods is best known by what first name?

A: Snake B: Tiger C: Vulture D: Shark

5.  (£500) The popular name of the ceremony seen outside Buckingham Palace is 'The Changing of the …' what?

A: Regiment B: Soldiers C: Troops D: Guard

6. (£1,000) When referring to a toilet, what do the letters WC stand for?

A: Wash Cupboard B: Waste Chamber C: Walled Cabinet D: Water Closet

7.  (£2,000) What is the title of the best-selling series of scary children's books created by R.L. Stine?

A: The Famous Five B: Goosebumps C: Captain Underpants D: A Series of Unfortunate Events

8. (£4,000) Which TV chef campaigned to have Turkey Twizzlers removed from school dinner menus?

A: Gordon Ramsay B: Heston Blumenthal C: Jamie Oliver D: John Torode

9. (£8,000) In November 1931, Al Capone was sentenced to eleven years in prison for what crime?

A: Extortion B: Kidnapping C: Tax evasion D: Perjury

10. (£16,000) The song 'I Don't Want to Miss a Thing', performed by Aerosmith, featured on the soundtrack of which 1998 film?

A: The Big Lebowski B: Armageddon C: Deep Impact D: The Truman Show

11. (£32,000) Which British military figure signalled to his troops 'England expects that every man will do his duty'?

A: Lord Cardigan B: Lord Nelson C: Duke of Wellington D: Lord Kitchener

12.  (£64,000) Which is the second highest park in the British Isles?

A: Snowdon B: Slieve Donard C: Scafell Pike D: Ben Macdui

13. (£125,000) Georges Braque was one of two key figures in the development of which art movement?  

A: Cubism B: Impressionism C: Art Nouveau • D: Abstract expressionism

14. (£250,000) The Taj Mahal UNESCO World Heritage Site is located in which Indian state?

A: Uttar Pradesh B: Kerala C: Gujarat D: West Bengal

15. (£500,000) Which of these condiments is the oldest, having been established since 1814, as stated on its label?

A: HP Sauce B: Heinz Tomato Ketchup C: Colman's Mustard D: Hellmann's Mayonnaise

16. (£1million) Which of these people was born the same year as Queen Elizabeth II?

A: Audrey Hepburn B: Judy Garland C: Julie Andrews D: Marilyn Monroe

He told Jeremy: “When I was working it out I thought Audrey might be more likely, but he didn’t know. I don’t know. 

“I’m going to walk away with the money, unfortunately. Final answer.”

Jeremy replies: “I can’t say I blame you.

“There’s no other way of saying this, Davyth, you’re going away with half a million pounds.” 

The correct answer was Marilyn Monroe, with the late actress and the Queen both born in 1926, while Judy Garland was born in 1922, and Audrey Hepburn was born in 1929, and Julie Andrews was born in 1935. 

But viewers watching the episode, which first aired last September, claimed they were shocked at how ‘easy’ the million-pound question was. 

Numerous people took to social media, claiming they knew the answer before the options were revealed. 

One person said: “Easy question for the £1million.”

Another wrote: “Screaming at the TV! For a million pounds!”

Someone else posted: “When you get a million pound question right before the answers are revealed.” 

This person commented: “He was amazing!! Seriously cool, not greedy and went at the right moment. Respect."

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire answers

1. BCDA 

2. B: Olive oil

3. A: White flag

4. B: Tiger 

5. D: Guard 

6. D: Water Closet 

7. B: Goosebumps 

8. C: Jamie Oliver 

9. C: Tax evasion 

10. B: Armageddon 

11. B: Lord Nelson 

12. D: Ben Macdui 

13. A: Cubism 

14. A: Uttar Pradesh 

15. C: Colman's Mustard 

16 D: Marilyn Monroe

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