W7 release summer-inspired make-up collection… and you can nab it for as little as £7.95

So when budget cosmetics brand W7 announced that they were launching a holiday-themed collection, we couldn't have been more excited.

The range, dedicated to achieving a natural beach vibe, includes a bronzing powder (available in two shades), a highlighting palette, an eye shadow palette and a sculpting body cream.

And with prices starting from just £7.95 and formulas rivalling a host of luxury brands, there's nothing not to love.

The brand took to Instagram at the beginning of this month to reveal the launch of the collection.

The highlighting palette from the collection features three shimmery shades – a pink, brown and gold tone.

  • W7 Life's A Beach Highlighter Trio, £7.95, from W7 – buy it now
The highlighter trio comes with a bronze, rose and highlighter shade

There's also a bronzing powder available, which comes in two shades – a lighter one for bronzing up paler skin tones and a deeper tone for a more intense look.

  • W7 Life's A Beach Bronzing Powder, £7.95, from W7 – buy it now



Fans of the brand are praising the summery eye shadow palette in the range, featuring 6 glitter pigment shades.

  • W7 Life's A Beach Metallic Beach Shimmers Eye Colour Palette, £9.95, from W7 – buy it now
The eye shadow palette consists of 12 matte and shimmer shades

The brand have also introduced a Body Contour Sculpting Cream in 3 different shades. It's a smooth, liquid sculpting cream for enhancing not only the features of the face but the arms, legs and other areas which may need extra glow or definition.

  • W7 Life's A Beach Body Contour Sculpting Cream, £8.95, from W7 – buy it now
There are 3 shades available of the contour sculpting cream

And when it comes to celeb fans? Ex-Love Islander, Olivia Buckland, has made no secret of the fact she's obsessed with the brand in the past.

In a video discussing W7's Skinny Lipping 2 range, she told fans: "these shades are really easy to wear and are great for the summer. The formula is really nice and smooth on the lips."

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