Waterbeds, toilet mats and taxidermy… How many of the worst 'interior design crimes' have YOU been guilty of?

And if your living space is seen as an extension of yourself by visitors, then it turns out that 64 per cent of Brits are actively judging each other based on their decorating tastes.

This shocking finding from a recent survey of 2,000 people has made playing host even more stressful.

That said, the President of the British Institute of Interior Design Daniel Hopwood has now weighed in with the UK's worst "interior design crimes" from the past 50 years.

Unsurprisingly, the results range from the obvious decorating fashion faux pas to the positively everyday items you'll find in homes up and down the country.

So how many of these perceived "interior design crimes" do you have in your home?

1. Fluffy Toilet Seat Covers and Rugs

And finally, that brings us to fluffy toilet seat covers and rugs, otherwise known as the greatest crime against interior design.

The president of the British Institute of Interior Design says that these "belong in the dustbin of dodgy historical decor!"

But we say that if you can't get away with a full-on carpet in your bathroom, then at least you can enjoy a smidgen of cosiness in the loo.

2. Taxidermy

We think that everyone will agree that taxidermy is a pretty niche and slightly creeping decorating choice.

But littering your home with what were once live animals is one way to spook those judgemental neighbours.

Your house, your stuffed animals.

3. Avocado Bathrooms

Long before we were taking pictures of our avocado on toast, our parents were basing their bathroom interior design decisions on the fruit.

While you don't see many of these colour-coded bathrooms anymore, they were once all the rage in the 1970s.

We'll just stick to avocado for brunch, thanks.

4. Floral Furniture

Now this one surprised us.

We dare you to think of a single home you've visited without a floral piece of furniture.

While Daniel has banished "chintz" furniture as a interior design crime (along with "headache-inducing patterned wallpaper), we'd hold off on buying yourself a new sofa.

Everything always comes back in style, at one point or another.

5. Waterbeds

Now this is one we agree on.

Waterbeds were once the height of technology and simply just seemed a fun piece of furniture to have in your home.

While mattresses have since moved on, we agree with Daniel that is is "a bold choice of bedroom furnishing which should be reserved solely for rappers and rock stars."

Least we not forget the stars of MTV's Cribs who all seemed to be rocking one of these in their adolescent bedrooms.

Top 10 Worst Interior Design Crimes

1. Fluffy toilet seat covers and rugs

2. Taxidermy

3. Avocado bathrooms

4. Floral furniture

5. Waterbeds

6. Artex walls and ceilings

7. Carpeted bathrooms

8. Rag rolled walls

9. Tribal masks and wall hangings

10. Stone cladding

6. Artex Walls & Ceilings

Hands up if your grandparents have artex ceilings in their home. Anybody?

What Daniel describes as a "hideous trend" actually served the practical purpose of covering imperfect surfaces (i.e. cracked plaster) with a pretty pattern.

Because sometimes your ceiling just need livening up.

7. Carpeted Bathrooms

Okay let's be honest, we're not in the least surprised that carpeted bathroom floors have made the shortlist.

Because while we totally love the thinking behind it – cosy carpet absolutely tops cold bathroom tiles – it just doesn't quite work from a practical standpoint.

After all, the only thing worse than stepping on a chilly bathroom tile is a soggy carpet that squelches.

8. Rag Rolled Walls

Rag-rolled walls was once the easiest way to add a bit of interest into what was otherwise a blank, boring wall.

But according to this interiors expert, they are a crime against home fashion.

While this shade of red reveals how bad the effect can be, it looks much cooler with a subtler shade.

9.Tribal Carvings, Masks and Wall Hangings

Gap Year travellers, we're looking at you.

Yes your visitors could be judging based on these questionable wall hangings.

While Daniel says they're "best left at the departure gate", we say that this a fun way to incorporate happy memories into your home.

Just don't overdo it, of course.

10. Stone Cladding

Something of a marmite interior feature, Daniel asserts that stone cladding is an "instant way to alienate the neighbours."

What was once all the rage in the 1970s can reportedly knock thousands off your home.

But this isn't the first time stone cladding has come under fire.

A 2015 poll found that the distinctive interior and home exterior style ranked third in the Top Ten Most Hated Qualities for prospective buyers.

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