We're a family-of-five living in a camper – people can't believe it's got two bathrooms, a huge kitchen and dining table

LIVING in a camper van might sound like some people’s worst nightmare.

The common belief is that they are pretty cramped with not much space or storage, so how would you possibly fit all your things in it?

And with three children?! Many of us would think it would be impossible.

But one family of five are proving that camper life is not all that it seems and there’s a lot more space than you might think.

Known on TikTok as ‘family.of.nomads’, Jessica and her husband Dub McCorkle, and their three children are what they describe as ‘an average family, living an EXTRAordinary life.’

Jessica uploaded a video to TikTok, showing off the inside of her family’s camper van, and people are shocked at just how big it is.

She uploaded the video with the caption ‘We live in our camper and travel full time. Take a tour.’

Jessica revealed that her family of five are traveling and living full-time in their camper.

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The three children Grace, Addison and TJ all share a room but there’s more space and privacy than you would expect.

Jessica gives a tour of her camper and it’s safe to say we are shocked at just how nice it is.

We first see the master bedroom which has a queen size bed that lifts up for storage, a work area and a closet with a clothes rail, a washing machine and a tumble dryer.

Jessica then takes us into the first bathroom, which is huge.

It’s bigger than some home bathrooms and there's even a full size shower.

There’s a large living room, with a couch that turns into a dining room, with lift-out tables for the family to eat meals on.

And the kitchen is amazing…it’s absolutely huge and very modern.

There’s a large island, big fridge and even a full-size pantry full to the brim with food.

Going into the children’s bedroom, there’s three bunk beds, each with a curtain for privacy, and plenty of space for them to play.

They’ve even got their own ‘half bathroom’ with a toilet, sink and storage unit.

Not only are there five people living in this camper, there’s even a hamster in there too!

The video has clearly impressed numerous people as it has racked up a whopping 2.2million views.

It has 129.5k likes, 842 comments and 3,120 shares.

Many were shocked at just how spacious and gorgeous the camper van is and took to the comments to express this.


One person said: “This is incredible!”

Another added: “This is better than my own house.”

A third commented: “Wow the RV is really roomy.”

Another said: “I love how y’all have room for a hamster!!!”

Meanwhile, people never believe what’s inside our tiny van, we spent months doing it up & it’s even got a home CINEMA.

Also, I turned a rusty old caravan at the bottom of the garden into a woodland haven, it’s like going on holiday.

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