We've made £500k from filming steamy sex videos – mums judge us at the school gates but our kids don't mind

A MARRIED mum and dad have quit their day jobs after making £30,000 a month filming their sexy sessions. 

Giving a new meaning to working from home, parents Jess, 32, and Mike, 33, Miller, from Southend-on-Sea, film sexy videos in their bedroom to put online.

As a semi-permanent make up artist and an events worker, the couple used to take in £2,000 in monthly earnings.

But now the family's monthly salary has boomed to £30,000 thanks to their sex enterprise.

They make a percentage from advertising on PornHub, and webcamming on site Chaturbate.

Jess said: "We became a hit quite quickly which was exciting."

When lockdown began they started posting content and making money from subscribers on sexy apps Only Fans and Fansly.

Just a year into making their sexy clips both Jess and Mike were able to leave their jobs and film full-time. 

In the two-and-a half years, they’ve raked in a staggering £500,000. 

The couple initially kept their steamy secret from Jess’s children from a previous relationship James*, seven, and Emily*, 11.

Jess said: “In life we’ve never been parents that hide anything from our kids.

'Mummy's getting her boob's out on camera'

“So through lockdown we would drop hints about our careers.

“We’d make jokes about it. We’d sort of say ‘mummy’s getting her boobs out on camera’.”

Eventually they told the youngsters what they did for a living in 2020.

Mike said: "One is too young to fully know what we do, our eldest was very mature and said as long as we are happy and love them then it’s not a problem at all.

“Of course, we spoke about the kids and what it was going to be like in the future.  

“We really thought about the pros and cons of it.  

“Some people reacted badly to it but at the end of the day it works for us, and the majority of our family don’t mind.”

The couple started posting funny videos on clip app TikTok to promote their sexy videos.

But soon kids at their children's school saw their videos and

“It wasn’t until our TikTok went viral that we really sat down and had to speak to our oldest daughter because someone in her school had seen our TikToks and worked out that we were porn stars.

“We sort of said ‘look we need to talk to you. How do you feel about this? This is what we do’.”

“She gave a really, really mature response and was like ‘I really don’t care as long as you are happy and we’re looked after’.”

But then the couple had to face snooty parents at the school gates after their secret was out.

'It was like a pin dropped in the playground'

Jess said: “I thought ‘oh god’ but then I decided, I’ve got to go in with my head high. 

“Mike and I both walked in that day and it was like a pin dropped in the playground.

“Everyone was looking and sending my videos around.  

But the couple said they had the last laugh. 

Jess added: “The more that our videos are sent round, the more money we’re paid.”  

The couple – who met in 2012 and married in 2017 – decided to spice up their sex life and earn a few quid by introducing a camera into the bedroom in 2018. 

Jess said: “We’ve always had a very open and sexual relationship.  

“We talked about how we could spice things up and thought about threesomes.  

“I knew someone who was a cam girl, she told me about it and I thought I would love to do it but I didn’t want to do it on my own.”  

Mike and Jess accidentally hit the jackpot when they filled a gap in the market for videos of real-life couples having sensual sex sessions. 

‘A very open and sexual relationship’

Jess said: “A lot of people who watch us say it’s nice to see real love.  

“We put a camera in the room and people can see what it’s really like when we have sex.  

“We’re not putting it on, it’s how we would have sex normally.

"It's definitely reignited the spark in our relationship and brings us closer together.

"It's a real pinch me moment as we can't believe we get paid for having sex."

Mike added: “We realised that British couples are actually really niche and we could go down really well.  

“I suggested we make videos and Jess said yes straight away – we hardly had to think about it.”

He added: "The first video we recorded was on an iPhone so that's how it started whereas now it's more professional with softbox lighting and we use proper editing software on computers. 

"The first time we did it, the filming was ok, it was more the editing when you’re watching yourself back, it's a really awkward experience.

"You think 'do I really look like that!’"

‘We bought a Mercedes but invested the rest’

While they could have blown the cash on luxuries, the family have been sensible with their dosh.

They treated themselves by renovating their kitchen and landscaping their garden.

They also bought a Mercedes and a Fiat 500 – but have decided to invest the majority of their money.

They’ve piled cash into a new venture – an Only Fans style text service Nowsextme to message adult performers. 

Family reveal

Their family discovered their porn sideline when a hater sent a poison pen letter. 

At Christmas 2019, their family received an email pointing out Mike and Jess’s videos. 

Mike said: "I hadn't told them before I didn't know how but they received an anonymous email from somebody who had sent it to my family.

"We turned up for Christmas and they didn't tell us that they knew and they didn't say anything, it wasn't until February that we knew that they knew. 

"They didn't care, they said as long as you're happy it doesn't matter. 

"It could have really ruined things in a lot of families but they took it really well."

'Trolls say we're bad parents'

But the couple are careful to shield their children through online hate.

Jess said: “We get a lot of trolls through online saying that we are bad parents, our kids are going to kill themselves when they are older, that they are going to get bullied at school.

Mike added: “Thankfully they don’t get any of that which is great.”

Mike and Jess started making TikTok videos to promote their sexy channel.

The couple have now become social media influencers with 750,000 fans on the video app since joining in January this year.  

Mike said: “We went to the England and Croatia football game and people asked us for pictures it was quite strange. 

It’s brought us closer together and our bond is stronger than it's ever been.

"Because it's on TikTok what we do, it's easier to say I recognise you from TikTok rather than pornhub.”

He added: "We do get loads of hate on social media, especially on TikTok, it can be brutal on TikTok but it doesn't bother us in any way shape or form. 

"They just get deleted and blocked." 

'Our bond is stronger than ever'

As well as making huge financial gains, Jess and Mike agree working in the sex industry has brought them closer as a couple. 

With less time at work and more time in the bedroom, they both feel more content. 

Mike said: “Although we’re working 24 hours a day it does not ever feel like work and we can take breaks, go for coffees and lunch and we can still be working. 

“It’s provided such a better work-life balance."

“It’s brought us closer together and our bond is stronger than it's ever been.  

“We’re putting ourselves out there, but we know that it’s never going to change our relationship and we’re never going to break up.  

“I know personally that what I have with Jess, everything that I am and everything that I have now I owe to being with Jess.  

“There’s trust there knowing that I don’t need to be with someone else to test the waters.”  

And Jess says their videos can even help other couples take things up a notch in their sex lives. 

Jess added: “It’s made our relationship even better, it's stronger than ever.

“We are really pleased that we have done it together and stuck together.  

“For a lot of people, it’s changing the industry to see a couple having sex.

“People watch us say that it helps their relationship.  

“We try and keep things fresh and new, and people can see that too.  

“We continuously try and improve.”

*Children's names have been changed

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