What are some new moon practices?

THE new moon comes with a person's hopes and aspirations.

There are some new moon practices that can be done during this period.

What are some new moon practices?

Some believe new moons signify fresh beginnings, and the practices associated with the new moon have to do with starting new ventures.

For example, one new moon practice is writing your goals in a journal.

Writing your news goals in a journal is one step in visualizing the new hopes and aspirations you hope to see fulfilled.

Planting seeds is another valuable new moon practice. The same amount of care you give to your plant is the same amount of care you should give to your goals.

Some believe as the planted seed grows, it will serve as a daily reminder of how far your project is growing.

Pulling an oracle card is another useful new moon practice. Based on the theme of the message you pick from your selected card, it can help you have an idea of the successes or hinderances coming your way.

Does the new moon release energy?

Some believe the new moon releases energy.

The new moon energy is believed to give you the momentum to undertake any new project you desire.

Thus, you will have a monthly opportunity to start new projects and realign plans for any existing plans you started.

What is a new moon?

New moons are monthly occurrences where the moon goes in between the sun and the earth.

As the first face of the lunar cycle, the new moon appears to the Earth in the form of the shadow that has been reflected from the sun.

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