What celebs’ eyebrows say about them including Kate Middleton's subtle tweak that shows she's ready to be Queen

THE trend for big brows looks like it’s here to stay – with one young mum taking it to the extreme.

Sammie-Jo Hailford, 27, from Grimsby, claims to have Britain's biggest eyebrows after she started using liquid eyeliner to increase their size and make a statement last year – and now they take up half of her forehead.

The mum-of-one, who has more than 75,000 followers on TikTok, says she has been trolled over her bold brows.

Facial reading expert Judi James reckons eyebrows can tell you everything you need to know about someone’s personality.

Here she inspects celebrities’ brows to reveal who they really are…

Kate Middleton

The royal has always had a strong brow game, but Kate caused a stir at last year’s No Time To Die Bond premiere when fans spotted she may have had a bit of a brow makeover.

Judi says of the 40-year-old future queen: “The way she has recently been opting for a thicker, darker, more pronounced brow reflects her growing confidence as a solo performer as her star rises dramatically in the royal Firm.

“Kate’s brows are relatively flat but with a ‘hook’ shape at the outside edges that signals a strong sense of fun and a desire to encourage others to join in. This the sign of a good leader.”

Judi adds: “These brows suggest a fair, flexible, firm but also fun personality.”

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Rihanna is a caring person, according to her eyebrowsCredit: Getty

Judi says 34-year-old singer Rihanna’s brows reveal people shouldn’t underestimate her – but she also has a caring side.

She says: “These brows are wide but also soft and will often look transparent rather than defined in a block shape.

"Although the shaping suggests confidence there is also a dreamy look to them, suggesting a creative personality and something of an idealist.

“You wouldn’t underestimate this personality in terms of making their point but there is an overwhelming suggestion of softness and caring, too.”

Taylor Swift

Singer Taylor, 32, usually hides her naturally thin and arched brows under a fringe, but she often has one coyly raised – and Judi reveals this may be another secret to her huge, loyal fanbase.

She explains: “The effect is a ‘sharing’, tie-sign gesture that signals a sense of shared fun with her audience.

“It’s a brow shape that suggests partly flirty, ‘naughty-but-nice’ communications and it’s one that often creates high levels of popularity with the fanbase.”

Britney Spears

Britney’s battle with mental health and issues with family members over her 2008 conservatorship have been well-documented – and Judi says the 40-year-old pop singer's eyebrows suggest a “vulnerability".

She explains: “Britney’s short brows with a large gap between them and a downward angling at the tips often look incongruent with her teeth-flashing ‘showbiz’ smile.

“The brows suggest sadness and when they are puckered up in the middle there is almost an expression of pleading or vulnerability.

“The brows don’t really form anything like a strong line or a strong message and this can suggest feelings of helplessness or a lack of decisiveness.

“At times they pull up into a sharp angle in the middle, hinting at suppressed anger or frustration.”

Lily Collins

The 32-year-old Emily In Paris star admits she used to over pluck her trademark big, beautiful brows until her mum, actress Jill Tavelman, told her to stop – and now she has “learned to embrace them”.

Judi says: “These very strong, super-pronounced dark brows with their low arches suggest someone who wants passionately to prove themselves in their career and to be taken seriously.

“These brows suggest someone who is clever and rather deep when they want to be and who can also be honest and outspoken to the point of being controversial.

“Lily seems to allow her eyebrows to do the talking in terms of her body language and that suggests a quietly focused and forceful personality when it comes to taking up causes or campaigns.”

Kendall Jenner

Supermodel Kendall, 26, certainly knows a thing or two about drama, having starred in the reality TV series Keeping Up With The Kardashians alongside her momager Kris, 66, and sisters Kourtney, 42, Kim, 41, Khloe, 37, and Kylie, 24.

Judi says: “These dark, straight brows are the same thickness throughout their length, suggesting an ambitious and focused personality.

“This suggests someone who tends to be quietly firm and decisive but who can also notch it up in terms of drama if things aren’t going their way.

“It’s a sign of what can be a very individual and ‘lone wolf’ personality, someone who will rebel rather than conform and do what is expected.”

Gigi Hadid

Judi reveals model Gigi’s rounded brows suggest she is one of life’s chameleons.

She says of the 26-year-old – who recently bleached her brows for Milan Fashion Week: “Gigi’s brows are exaggeratedly rounded with the highest point of the arch going off into her temple area.

“This asymmetric arching can look youthful but when she dips her head and stares into the camera it can also form a dramatic downward slant towards the nose, making her look intense and even a little wicked – but in a good way.

“The brows suggest someone who is adept at getting their own way and able to change their personality and behaviour to do so.

“Full of determination, they might not take life or themselves too seriously but their skills of persuasion are next to none when they do see something they want.”

Ariana Grande

Judi says the 28-year-old singer’s eyebrows may look “cute” but they are, in fact, a sign that she is a passionate person.

She explains: “Ariana’s brows have changed very little over the years and the uneven shape, the wide gap between them, and the way they sit high on her face suggests a very open, honest and childishly innocent approach to life.

“They look cute but she shouldn’t be underestimated in terms of deeper emotions: the way her muscles move as she performs makes them emphatically expressive, changing shape as she sings to add depth and passion to her delivery.

“The arching suggests surprise, enthusiasm and optimism, defining her as someone who expects the best of people and who can be generous when it comes to opening up her own heart.”

She adds: “The lack of any qualities bordering on cynicism or distrust can mean a romantic history littered with heartbreak, though.”

Cara Delevingne

Model Cara, 29, must have the most famous brows in Britain, with them even having their own Twitter account.

Judi says: “These naturally strong, thick, dark brows with the signature ‘stragglers’ at the inside edge sit low on her face but with some upward lifting as they extend right out towards her hairline.

“These define Carla as a strong-minded, honest and decisive personality who will happily go against trends or others’ opinions to do what she sees as right.

“They are the brows of a good listener though, so high levels of empathy and intellectual thought: a creative thinker and personality with a tendency to fierce loyalty once you’ve earned their trust.”

Kristin Stewart

Actress Kristin, 31, has changed her hair multiple times for movie roles but has left her brows well alone.

Judi says: “Her flat-straight brows could look deadpan and suggest someone private who keeps their emotions masked in a bid to look cool, but they are also subtly asymmetric, with the right brow raised slightly higher than the left.

“This sarcastic look makes her a more complex, deeper personality and it suggests her cooler, less approachable side could be a bluff and that she might have a more vulnerable side that she tries not to show.

“These brows could make her daunting to meet but fun once the shield has dropped and friendship is established.”

Charlize Theron

With multiple big-budget movie roles under her belt, actress Charlize, 46, is used to being the leading lady – so it’s perhaps no surprise her fine brows suggest she is used to being in charge.

Judi says: “Charlize’s pencil-thin, immaculately plucked brows suggest old-school Hollywood glamour as well as someone who is smart in every meaning of the word.

“These brows look classy and elegant and when they are arched they can also suggest superiority.

"Fine brows like this tend to be lacking in any more negative emotional displays like anger or anxiety but they can signal a tendency to be ‘Queen Bee’ in a group of admirers.”

Jessica Alba

The 40-year-old actress is one of the world’s most beautiful women – and she has the eyebrows to match.

Judi says: “Jessica looks young but her sophisticated eyebrow shape suggests a very adult sense of assertiveness and confidence.

“They lack the kind of arching in the middle that would suggest surprise or spontaneity, making her look very sassy and smart and in control of her life and her conversations.

“She looks like a tough negotiator who knows her worth.”

Kaley Cuoco

She famously played ditsy Penny in the long-running comedy The Big Bang Theory, and Judi reveals 36-year-old Kaley’s unusual brows suggest she has a wild, fun side.

She explains: “These tadpole brows that are too thick at the beginning and too thin at the ends scream humour and comedy as well as a tendency to have a personality that can switch through extremes.

“They suggest fun because they lack traditional glamour but the shape suggests someone who might want to be taken seriously and have gravitas but who will wilt or revert to their less serious side in the face of pressure or a more forceful personality.

“These brows suggest someone who starts the party intent on having a quiet night but who is dancing on the table after a couple of hours.”

Olivia Wilde

Actress and director Olivia, 37, certainly raised some eyebrows when she started dating Harry Styles, 28, last year due to their age gap.

And Judi says the mum-of-two’s brows may offer a clue on how she snagged the former One Direction hunk.

She explains: “These thin and peaked, super arched brows are probably on every woman’s wish list as they look smart, sexy but also extremely confident in a fun way.

“The angling sits over the eye to draw attention to it rather than upstage it and the shape itself lives almost permanently in ‘clever-but-flirty’ mode.

“These brows could look intimidating but without looking cold. Uncompromisingly self-assured, they suggest levels of self-esteem and a calm confidence we’d all like to have.”

Jourdan Dunn

The 31-year-old has become one of the UK’s most successful models after being scouted as a teen while shopping in Primark, juggling being a single parent to her son Riley, 13.

And while Judi says her amazing angled brows show her fun side, she’s no pushover.

She says: “These are ‘happy brows’, performing as part of the smile, with their strong angled shape and firm downward dip at the outside edges.

“Clever and at times cynical, but always with a focus on fun and friendship, these brows are the sign of a smart, confident personality and someone brave who is no pushover.”

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