When does Kylie Jenner's Halloween makeup kit go on sale and what's included in the Kylie Cosmetics kits?

Here's all you need to know about Kylie Cosmetics' Halloween collection.

When does Kylie's Halloween collection go on sale?

Kylie Jenner has yet again wowed us all with a new kit for her cosmetics brand, full of spooky Halloween products.

On October 12 her collection will go on sale, which gives us Brits just enough time for it to arrive in time for the 31st.

The exact time hasn't been confirmed, but if we follow the pattern of her past collections it's likely that it will be released at 11pm UK time.

What does the new collection include?

The spooky Halloween treat includes everything from lipsticks and highlighters to eyeshadow palettes.

There's  bright orange, deep purple and even a GREEN lipstick!

The shades are called Spider Bite, Monster, Haunt It and Creep it Real.

There is a Vampire Lip Kit, which is a lovely blood red, and a glossy lip topper named Handsome Devil.

The Halloween highlighter is named Go Ghost, and the packaging has tiny little ghosts on it- so cute!

The silvery shade looks a little intimidating at first but once swatched it looks a whole lot more wearable.

The most intriguing, and what we predict will be the most popular item in the collection is the eyeshadow palette.

The Mummy palette consists of nine shades, all shimmer, no matte.

From the rather muted Main Boo to the in-your-face Bat Sh*t Crazy, this is a nice mix of earthy shades with some pops of Halloween colour.

The most 'out-there' part of the collection is the Halloween Glitter Eyes.

They come in the shades Hello Ghordeous and Witch and Famous – a metallic gold and bronze, but they're not the most wearable.

But they're undoubtedly going to sell like hot cakes, as long as its got Kylie's name on, people will buy it.

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