Wildest Kardashian conspiracy theories you probably didn't know about – from Kim's sixth toe to planned pregnancies

THE Kardashian-Jenner family is probably the closest thing Hollywood has to royalty.

The family has become a household name as they have starred in a handful of reality TV shows and own multiple brands that range from apparel and beauty to lifestyle and baby gear.

Of course, being part of such a popular family name has made them the subject of countless rumors and even conspiracy theories that you probably had no idea about.

Here we look back at the conspiracy theories surrounding Kris, Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Rob Jr, Kendall, and Kylie:


Since 2019, Kardashian fans have wondered if Kim has a sixth toe after a major promo fail for her collaboration with sister Kylie.

In the pic, the 41-year-old could be seen with a bonus toe on one foot – which caused many to look for more pictures of the mystery digit.

Despite Kim shutting down the conspiracy, she was accused once more during her 40th birthday celebration.


Just like the Kardashian women have been scrutinized, the men who decide to date them also became targets.

Sadly, many people have rumored they become "cursed" the moment they join the family.

The idea of a curse first came to fruition in 2016 when Kylie talked about it during Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

She said: "The Kardashian curse is every male figure that comes and dates a Kardashian. Their life kind of just goes downhill after that."

Some of these "downhill moments" include Scott Disick and Lamar Odom's substance abuse while dating Kourtney and Khloe respectively and Kanye West's mental health issues that severely affected Kim and their four kids.

Additionally, Travis Scott, who is expecting his second child with Kylie, became the topic of scrutiny as he performed during the Astroworld tragedy.

Rob Kardashian has also had to pull away from the limelight after not being able to deal with the attention his sisters were constantly getting. He was also involved in multiple legal issues with his baby mama, Blac Chyna.


Another conspiracy theory the Kardashian family themselves have addressed is if Robert Kardashian Sr. is Khloe's real dad.

The rumor came to life after Kris admitted in her 2011 book, Kris Jenner … And All Things Kardashian, that her marriage ended because she had an affair with someone called Ryan in 1989.

In 2012, an athlete named Todd Waterman came forward to claim he was the Ryan Kris talked about in her book.

Sadly, the release of her book turned on the rumor mill because many believed this was not the only time she had cheated on Robert.

People began to speculate Khloe was not Robert's daughter because she did not share the same physical characteristics as her siblings, something that did not sit well with the family.

Kris tried to control the situation by bringing in KUWTK cameras as she begged Khloe to get a DNA test.

However, to this day, Khloe refuses to take said DNA test.


The world seems to still be recovering from the news that Kim Kardashian has moved on from Kanye West with someone 13 years younger than her, especially someone like Pete Davidson.

The two seemed to hit it off after their SNL skit and have since been spotted going out on multiple dates.

However, many fans claimed the relationship seemed to come to life during a tough time for the Kardashian family: the aftermath of Astroworld (which has been the center of many conspiracy theories in itself).

Travis Scott, Kylie's baby daddy and partner, staged the event in his hometown of Houston, Texas but the concert ended in tragedy when the crowd of around 50,000 people suddenly surged towards the stage, crushing some attendees.

Many fans have slammed the family for seemingly ignoring the tragedy and keeping on with their luxurious life.

They have also speculated that the relationship is a means to distract from the tragedy.


Drake and Kanye West have always had a feud, which only heated up when it was rumored that Drake had hooked up with Kim Kardashian.

The rapper seemed to add fuel to the fire when he released the song In My Feelings, where he sang Kiki, do you love me?

Fans will know that this is a nickname that the Kardashians have for Kim.

In 2021, he had people talking once more after he addressed Kanye, now known as Ye, in the song Wants and Needs.

To this day, Drake and Kim's alleged romance keeps on being a conspiracy theory.


In 2018, the Kardashians rocked the world once more when three of the sisters welcomed babies just months apart.

Kim first welcomed Chicago, her third, in January 2018 via surrogate.

A month later, Kylie secretly gave birth to her first child, Stormi.

And in April, Khloe gave birth to True.

The close proximity of the three new Kardashians granddaughters, dubbed as the triplets, had people wondering if the pregnancies had been planned.

Similarly, 2021 has been equally as packed with surprises for the Kardashians as Kourtney got engaged to Travis Barker, Kylie announced she was pregnant with her second child, and both Kim and Khloe ended long-term relationships.


In 2009, Kanye made news when he interrupted newcomer Taylor Swift as she received a VMA.

During his rampage, he claimed Beyonce was the one who deserved to win Best Female Music Video.

This left the blonde beauty mortified on stage and the two have had a feud ever since.

In 2015, they seemingly squashed their issues during the Grammy awards.

But that would only last a year when Ye released the song Famous, where he claimed he and Taylor might still have sex.

He proceeded to claim that he "made that b**ch famous." He also depicted her completely naked in the music video.

This enraged Taylor and Swifties alike as she claimed that, despite him having asked her for permission to include her in his song, she had no idea he would actually insult her.

Kim, who was already married to Kanye by this time, released an edited recording where she allegedly proved Taylor had indeed approved of the lyrics.

Following her being "exposed," the You Belong With Me singer released a statement typed directly in her Notes app.

But eagle-eyed fans claimed the entire thing was a ruse because Taylor's note was pre-written.

Above the note, the word "search" could be seen meaning that she had written the note a long time ago and had to look for it in order to publish it, according to Buzzfeed.

Right now, the trio is no longer feuding but they aren't exactly best friends either.

The last update on this feud was that Taylor got a win when the un-edited version of her call with Kanye came out where it proved that Kanye never told her the exact lyrics of his song Famous.

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