Woman accidentally dissolves her lino floor when a TikTok cleaning hack goes wrong

COMMENTERS savaged this woman after she accidentally dissolved part of her floor while trying a popular Tiktok cleaning hack.

Tiktok user Chey says she was "so excited" to try the hack, but the results made her ask the question: “Wtf just came out of my floor?”

Tiktok user Chey attempted to clean the grout between her tiles with toilet cleaner, but got a lot more than she bargained for when the grout itself began to dissolve out of the floor.

Cleaning grout with toilet cleaner as become a very popular trend on Tiktok – but Chey didn’t realise two important requirements for the cleaning technique to work successfully.

Firstly, the hack is designed for white grout, as toilet cleaner has bleach in it and is designed to make things whiter – while Chey’s grout is dyed black.

Secondly, the toilet cleaner shouldn’t be left on for too long – the maximum is 15 minutes before the cleaning product starts doing serious damage to your floor.

The video has over 4.6 million views, and thousands of viewers rushed to the comments section to let Chey know that she had made a big mistake.

“Basically just ruined the grout and will need to get it redone. From a tile setter’s daughter I would get the whole floor redone, the tiles are uneven”, said one commenter.

“It’s your actual grout coming out. It dissolves grout! Don’t use that!!!”, wrote another, while a third said: “Yeah… don’t use harsh chemicals on grout. That is a dyed black grout it’s not going to change colour but you will damage the grout.”

Other viewers had also tried the hack and got terrible results.

One commenter lamented: “Yeah Tiktok fooled me as well!!!! It damaged my grout and didn’t look any different ugh.”

“I used it on our white grout and now the grout is blue”, said another.

Some viewers thought the cleaning fail was hilarious.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA BEST OF LUCK”, said one sarcastic viewer, while another wrote: “I’m sorry but MA’AM.”

Luckily, Chey is having her floor replaced soon anyway – so the damage will be fixed shortly.

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