Woman busts her man cheating thanks to Tesco clubcard after she was sent vouchers for condoms

A WOMAN has revealed how she busted her man cheating thanks to her Tesco clubcard.

TikTok user Lyn, relayed the story after one of her friends caught her husband out thanks to the loyalty scheme.

Speaking in the video, she says: “This is a completely true story on how a supermarket loyalty scheme can wreck your marriage or relationship.

“A married couple had a Tesco clubcard each. The husband used it when he was away on business for petrol, stuff he wanted from Tesco and the wife used it for her family shop.

“Every quarter they get vouchers come through the post, there was discounts off wines, washing powders, whatever.

“But every now and then there would be vouchers for discounts off Durex products, lube, condoms etc.”

The discounts that Tesco sends to customers are based off their most frequently purchased items, leading the wife to smell a rat.

Lyn continues: “The wife questions the husband and he says ‘oh bloody computer systems’ and laughed it off.

“The wife had a gut feeling that there was something not quite right.

“So when he took the dog for a walk one weekend she went into his company car, which she very rarely went into.”

Lyn explains that when she opens the glove box of the car, she discovers a stash of condoms and lube, just like the ones they had been sent vouchers for.

“So just be really careful guys because you’ll get found out,” Lyn warns.

The video has since gone viral, receiving over 32,000 views on TikTok and over 800 likes.

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