Woman claims baking powder can help you fake a 'sun-kissed summer look' and people are loving the hack

WITH people being encouraged to stay safe and at home during coronavirus lockdown, it's likely we might see a bit less sunny weather than usual over the next few weeks.

Fortuately, one beauty blogger has come to the rescue and demonstrated how to achieve a "sun-kissed natural summer look" – using none other than baking powder.

Demonstrating the make-up hack on TikTok,ex-Survival Of The Fittest star Georgie Clarke explained that you can use the common kitchen cupboard ingredient to do a "reverse nose contour".

Captioning the clip on the site, she wrote: "The reverse nose contour: for a sun kissed natural summer look!"

In a video, she can be seen dabbing the area of her face just above the apples of her cheeks with a white powder.

She told the camera: "Take a triangle sponge with baking powder on, draw a line down the middle."

Next, Georgie takes a blusher brush to the bridge of her nose, and continued: "Take a warm blusher and drag down the centre."

In the following frame, the reality TV star said: "Dust and blend."

Then, taking a smaller brush to her nose, she instructed: "Add two spots of highlight."

Finally, using another brush for her cupid's bow, she added: "Add bronzer here. Et voila!"

Her post has received more than 207,000 'likes' and over 300 comments.

One person wrote: "I love this soft natural look."

Another commented: "I always use bronzer but now I want to try using blush down the nose."

A third shared: "Wow amazing."

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