Woman comes up with clever hack for cleaning make-up brushes – but would you be brave enough to try it?

But one woman has come up with a clever hack for cleaning make-up brushes that doesn't involve hours of scrubbing and soaking.

Reddit user SuperiorPeach revealed her controversial cleaning technique on a thread in response to a post entitled: "Does anyone hate doing this chore as much as I do??"

She wrote: "People are going to be horrified by this, but I put my brushes in the washing machine."

The Redditor went on to explain how she pre-soaks them in a soapy solution first, which helps to break the product ingrained in the bristles down.

Next, she pops them in a pillowcase, ties it shut and washes them all together on a warm, delicate cycle without a spin dry.

"They come out spotless and I haven't had one fall apart yet," she said.

She went on to explain that she usually chucks in a couple of towels so that they have "something to rub against" that's softer than the steel drum of the machine.

"I do this method because I prioritise my time and if a brush falls apart it's okay with me – natural selection," she added.

Many were surprised by her unusual (and seemingly risky) technique, with one commenting: "I don't know whether or not to be horrified or impressed with you though."

Another called it "very innovative", while one joked: "That is so crazy it just might work."

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