Woman gets bizarre cutlery manicure… and she can even pick up her food with her nails

Because mad nail salon and Instagram favourite Nail Sunny, based in Moscow, Russia, has excelled itself with its latest manicure.

It's shaped a woman's nails into CUTLERY – so she can pick up little bits of cake with them, delicately popping them into her mouth.

She has a knife, fork and toothpick…. proving you can be pretty and practical at the same time.

The post has garnered a lot of comments online.

One person, writing about her friend, said: "I feel like this nail cutlery is definitely something @jennamarbles would (and should) do."

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1 or 2 ? Which design do you like more ?

A post shared by Nail Sunny (@nail_sunny) on

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1 or 2 ? Which design do you like more ?

A post shared by Nail Sunny (@nail_sunny) on

But other people argued about the practicalities of nail cutlery, with [email protected]_diamonddiva writing: "Surely you’d put the knife on the other hand!"

This isn't the first time the salon has boasted some more unusual styles.

We revealed in April that they had shaped one customer's nails into teeth.

Another time they created a fishbowl on a manicure, complete with tiny fake fish.

Previously the Moscow-based beauty salon posted a clip of one of its clients getting a woman's body painted onto her fingernails – complete with bra and pants.

It's also offered advice on 3D designs.

And one more offensive manicure showed a nail literally giving the finger…

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