Woman gets her dirty and stained sofa looking brand new using 89p spray after she was quoted £50 by professionals

A MUM has revealed how she got her stained sofa sparkling clean for just 89p rather than £50 she was quotes by professional cleaners.

Taking to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing & Bargains UK, Ellicia Williamson shared the astonishing before and after photos of her mucky settee.

Ellicia, from Grangemouth, Scotland, revealed that she had transformed the sofa using Elbow Grease All Purpose Degreaser which can be picked up for 89p from B&M.

The product is a known favourite of the cleaning guru Mrs Hinch, aka Sophie Hinchliffe, who previously praised the degreaser saying it’s great for removing smudges from glass tables and fans have said it works wonders when cleaning the oven.

Before using the spray, her grey couch was covered in water marks and grease stains but after using the product it looks good as new.

Captioning the snap the mum wrote: “Why spend £50 to get your couch cleaned when you can buy this for 89p!!!Can’t believe the result!!

  • Elbow Grease All Purpose Degreaser, £1, The Ranger – buy here

“I just sprayed the full couch, took the covers off and put in wash for 15 mins 30° wash.

“I also use on my baby’s stained clothes, kitchen walls, cooker!!”

And fellow group members were seriously impressed, with her post amassing over 4,000 likes and thousands of comments from people praising her handiwork.

“This stuff is bloody fantastic” said one, with another adding, “I cleaned my sofas with it too!…FAB!!!”

A third agreed adding: “This has made me so happy we have the same sofa and a toddler who loves to make a mess. 100% doing this tomorrow”

A fourth wrote: “Wow this is great! I have just brought some of this so will defo try on my sofas.”

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