Woman gets her filthy oven door sparkling thanks to £3 cleaner from Tesco

IT'S one of our most dreaded household chores – so it's no wonder all too many of us put off cleaning our ovens to the point where the caked-on grease prevents us from even peering through the door.

But that might be about to become a thing of the past thanks to one woman's holy grail £3 cleaning product.

Sharing impressive before and after photos on the Facebook group Cleaning Hacks, Tips & Recommendations, the woman wrote: "Why did I let the glass of the oven get so bad?

"Glad I tackled it this evening! Will finally be able to see what's cooking again."

She then went on to reveal that she'd cleaned the entirely of her oven – racks, glass and all – using Oven Pride which costs just £3 in Tesco.

Unlike other grease-busting products, Oven Pride users have to place the racks and glass in a bag and pour half a bottle of the fume-free formula over them.

  • Oven Pride Cleaning System, £3 for 500ml from Tesco – buy now

The woman then poured the rest of the bottle into the oven and left for four hours to sink in on grimy patches.

She added: "Used part in the bag for the racks and the rest on the door and oven – I just used a sponge, left it for an evening then wiped off with a damp scouring sponge."

In fact, the woman's oven door was so sparkling clean by the end that you could even see her reflection in the glass. Sold.

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