Woman horrified by 'vile, sexual' secret Santa gift totally divides opinion as people tell her to 'get over herself’

A MUM who was left so horrified by her ‘vile’ secret Santa gift that she threatened to go to HR has been told to ‘get over herself.’

The woman took to Mumsnet where she revealed that while she normally avoids the gift giving tradition, she begrudgingly agreed to take part when some new members joined her team at work.

However, she instantly regretted it when she opened her gift from her anonymous gift giver.

She wrote: “I have been gifted an adult colouring book and some felt tips. 

“I must admit I found this disappointing in itself as I never got swept up in this craze and am a little disappointed that one of my colleagues has concluded I am an adult colourer but that's by the by.

“My real issue is that it's the 'Go F*ck Yourself I'm Coloring' 50 swear words to color your anger away, adult coloring book. 

“Which should be fine, I like a robust swear and I have a job that can very much cause stress but I finally looked at it properly today and a lot of the words to colour are not swear words per se but really, really unpleasant misogynistic, sexual slurs and terms that I associate with pornography not swearing.”

She continues: “I have actually found myself quite offended that someone thought this was an appropriate gift for a fifty year old female colleague in a professional environment. 

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“My quandary is whether I should say something to the group or just hide it in the recycling and forget about it?”

Her post received hundreds of responses, with many Mumsnet users agreeing it was an inappropriate gift.

Commenting, one wrote: “Wow, that's really inappropriate as a work secret Santa gift.”

“That is wildly inappropriate,” agreed another, while a third added, “That’s actually disgusting.”

However, there were a few who weren’t quite as sympathetic, arguing that the gift was completely harmless.

“Get over yourself,” one wrote, while another added, “Don't be the t**t who makes a big deal of it after Christmas.”

A third agreed, writing: “I'd bin it and move on. Not worth creating a fuss about.”

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