Woman raves about £25 Amazon wallpaper you can colour in – and it’s perfect for messy kids – The Sun

WE'VE all been there – you've turned your back on your kids for just one minute and there they are scribbling away on the wall.

Well rather than scrubbing the area down with sugar soap like a mad woman next time you catch your little ones playing "artist", you can now buy black-and-white wallpaper designed for colouring in.

And contrary to what you might think – they're not just fun for kids.

Jade Louie, 28, from Manchester, has been raving about a £25 colouring in wallpaper her landlady bought online.

Sharing photos of how she's slowing working her way through the pretty, circular design on the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It, Jade wrote :"I started this three years ago but the sun slowly drained the colour!

"So re-tackling it!! Three hours in and it's brightening up again."

Spending three hours colouring in half the wall, Jade has been going over the bits that have faded using brightly coloured felt tips.

And needless to say, mums have been going wild over the prospect of a colouring page WALL.

Racking up hundreds of comments and 695 "likes", one user joked: "This would keep the kids amused."

Another raved: "Omg I love this!!!! So peaceful."

And to prevent the felt tip finish fading again, another recommended putting a coat of PVA glue over the top.

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Desperate to find out where Jade had go the wallpaper, a third wrote: "Please let me know my son is autistic and he would live to colour this in I'd put it in his bedroom."

Although the exact wallpaper Jade's landlord bought three years ago is no longer available, Amazon still have a range of designs from around £25.

As well as a kid-friendly monster design, the e-tailer also has a more sophisticated woodland wallpaper landscape for adults who still crave their colouring book days… *adds to basket*

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