Woman reveals huge Boots toiletries haul she got for NOTHING after her coupon codes put the price into minus figures

WE ALL love the thrill of a great bargain, particularly when it's on essentials we buy all the time.

One thrifty Boots shopper managed to stock up with a massive haul of toiletries without spending a single penny – and other bargain lovers are seriously impressed.

Thanks to a savvy combination of Boots points and student discount (as well as simply being at the right place at the right time) she picked up multiple deodorants, shower gel, tissues and a load of toothpaste for absolutely NOTHING.

Posting on Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, the smart shopper shared her haul of free products.

She wrote: "Got to my local Boots at the right time today. All this (and more) was in the reduced section.

"All 3 for 2 as well. AND 10% Student Discount. And I redeemed points, so cost me absolutely nothing", she added.

All the products in the picture were marked with clearance stickers, with one men's deodorant an incredible 15p.

The collection of reduced products also included a large multi-pack of tissues for just 50p.

"What boots is this?", one shopped asked.

A second commented: "Wow this is awesome well done x"

While another bargain lover said, "Well done you, right place/right timing".

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