Woman reveals super cheap hack which curls your hair within SECONDS and you don’t need tongs

ONE savvy woman has revealed how to save time creating perfect curls with zero heat.

Isabella Kate posted a video of herself curling her hair with none other than the handle of her hairbrush, and it has gone viral.

Talking to her TikTok platform she showed how she didn't need the use of a straightener or curling tongs to create the cute ringlets.

Posting under the domain @isabellakateeshe said: "OBSESSED with doing this now!"

Adding: "hair hacks" and "heatless hair."

In her damp hair, she took a section and wrapped it around the handle of her hairbrush as she would a curling wand.


After a couple of seconds, she releases the hair and debuted a perfectly structured curl.

Isabella's video has been viewed a whopping 24.7 million times and TikTok users have been quick to comment.

"Awesome curls" commented one person.

Another said: "Such pretty hair, can we get a routine please?"

"So you are telling me I just paid 300 for a hairdryer and curler" commented a third.

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