Woman suffers epic tanning fail after using a sock as a self-tan mitt

But one early riser found out the hard way that it's always a good idea to turn on a light.

Sharing her story with celebrity spray tan artist Jules Von Hep, the woman told how she'd been using a sock as a temporary tanning mitt.

But when it came to getting ready one morning at 5am, she'd accidentally grabbed the bronzed sock and put it on before heading to the gym.

She discovered her gaffe after taking off the sock – revealing a very brown foot which clashed awkwardly with her significantly paler leg.

Sending a photo of the mishap to Jules, she captioned the snap "F*** sake", adding: "Luckily I have your tan eraser."

Jules shared the snap on his Instagram page, calling it "probably one of the best DMs I’ve ever received".

The post, uploaded yesterday, has notched up 892 likes and dozens of comments.

One follower wrote: "Just burst into laughter in a meeting," while another admitted: "This literally made coffee come out my nose laughing."

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