Woman with 12 siblings gives tour of chaotic household where nobody has their own room & there's eight shelves of shoes

A WOMAN who grew up with 12 siblings has revealed what life in their chaotic household is like – and nobody has their own room.

TikTok user Tiháne Crown, 20, gave her followers a tour of the home that she shares with her bumper family.

Opening her front door she says: “When you walk in the door you’re going to see a lot of slippers and shoe shelves that are packed.

“Not just one but two!”

She pans the camera to show a total of eight shelves, spilling over with shoes of all different styles and size.

“And we have not one, not two but three coat racks,” Tiháne adds.

With 15 people under one roof the crown family, who also have their own band 13 Crowns, are rather pushed for space.

Tiháne says: “None of us have our own bedroom but it’s kinda fun that way, you’ll see a lot of bunk-beds.”

When it comes to the bathroom, you would be forgiven for mistaking it for a chemist thanks to the variety of products on display.

“In our bathroom there are a tonne of products because everyone likes their own stuff,” says Tiháne.

For Tiháne the very worst part of having a big family is the amount of washing up that comes her way.

She says: “Finally there are a tonne of dishes to do every single day.

“I hate being on dishes duty.”

The Crown family is made up of 13 children, Eve, 24, Heinz, 23, Bella, 21, Tiháne, 20, Abraham, 18, Mikki, 17, Nora, 15, Hazel, 13, Wesley, 12, Mary, 10, Vake, 8, Lynnie, 5 and Joy, 3.

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