Women are blaming Taylor Swift for making them text 'hometown exes' in hilarious new trend with disastrous results

WHEN Taylor Swift announced that she'd written ANOTHER album in 2020 last week, it sent fans into total meltdown – us included.

The star's ninth studio album Evermore is the "sister record" to Folklore – which Taylor, 31, released in July.

Unsurprisingly, Evermore was an instant hit with fans when it dropped at midnight on the 10 December – and it's even kicked off a hilarious trend on TikTok.

Inspired by the single 'tis the damn season, women are getting back in touch with their first loves like the character in the song.

But while Taylor's song follows a deeply romantic narrative about lost love, these women were simply reminded why they had broken up with their exes in the first place.

Kicking off the viral "hometown hunni" trend, TikTok user Coralline randomly started texting her ex-boyfriend the lyrics to the song and filmed his replies.

Out of nowhere, she messaged him: "We could call it even, you could call me 'babe' for the weekend."

Although the messages "confused the s**t" out of him at first, Corri's ex then confessed that he'd missed her too and asked to meet by their old spot. Awks.

When she told him that the "road not taken looks real good now", he said: "I won't tell anyone."

Thinking it would be fun to mess with her ex, TikTok user Danielle Souza also jumped on the trend – but quickly regretted it.

After she told him to call her "babe", the furious bloke replied: "Why the f**k would I call you babe?" I am not writing anything down."

And when she told him that she's "staying at [her] parent's house]" and that the "road not taken looks real good now", he said: "I'm sure it doesn't considering there is a blizzard outside.

"We're literally from the same street so wtf are you talking about??"

Meanwhile, another woman thought it would be funny to send the cryptic messages to a guy she'd casually dated on Tinder.

Documenting his Snapchat replies on her TikTok page, the clueless bloke simply said he "didn't have a pen" to hand when she urged him to "write this down".

And while Taylor Swift poetically ponders what could have been with the lyric "the road not taken looks real good now", the bloke hoped his ex was coming onto him with the message.

He wrote: "Am I the road less taken because I don't have a lot of sex?"

And unfortunately for Taylor Swift fan, Stephanie, she didn't quite get thehuge declaration of undying love she was hoping for when she texted her ex.

Misunderstanding what she meant by the "road not taken", Stephanie's ex replied: "I think there's an accident on Deerfoot fml."

University student Sarah Laterza also jumped on the trend and captioned her video: "T Swift said text the hometown boy you hang with on college breaks so I did."

After she told him "'tis the damn season, write this down", the bloke Sarah had casually been seeing said: "I ain't no scribe."

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