You can now buy a handbag that looks like a Croc – and it’s disgusting

IF you thought your outfit was missing something, it could be a Croc handbag.

The infamous shoe has been given not only a makeover, but a new lease of life as a bag.

Sadly, the design doesn’t look much better as a handbag either.

But if you’re a fan, you can pick up three different Croc-inspired styles, which come in a range of sizes and colours.

Costing between £15.51 – £19.39, the tote bags are waterproof – just like Crocs – so they’d be ideal for the pool or beach.

Sold by Optari, they list the numerous uses for the bags, including: “Beach Bag, shower caddy, diaper bag, shopping bag, garden tote, bath tub toy holder, lunch tote, book bag, gift bag and more!”

  • Sol tote large, Optari, £19.39 ($24.99) – buy now

  • Sol tote small Optari, £15.51 ($19.99) – buy now

  • Crossbody plus, Optari, £15.51 ($19.99) – buy now

If you're getting married, white sparkly bridal Crocs now exist. 

And goth Crocs with spikes and chains are officially a thing.

Plus here’s a round-up of the worst shoes ever to grace people’s feet.

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