Your hairbrush could be making your hair greasy – a beauty fan discovers how disgusting they get without you realising

PEOPLE claim there are dozens of reasons your hair could be greasy: washing your hair too often, not washing it often enough, using the wrong shampoo, not changing your pillowcase every week.

But this woman has discovered that her hair brushes were harbouring filth, and they could be making her hair dirtier.

A cleaning fanatic and Tiktok user, who goes by username @everything_tidy, showed the shocking results of cleaning her hairbrushes – and people can’t believe the results. 

She said: “I watched a video last week and it was a lady and she said that maybe the reason why your hair is getting greasy or oily quickly isn’t in fact because of your hair follicles and it is in fact because of your brush.”

She showed the exact method she used to get all the built-up dirt out of her brushes.

“Put all my brushes in the sink and we’re going to leave them for a bit. 

“I’ve just used hot water and shampoo because she didn’t state what was used in it. I just figured, because it’s hair, shampoo.”

After an hour of soaking her brushes, the cleaning fan came back to see that the water was a murky brown colour. 

She said: “Oh my god! That’s disgusting. 

“Ladies, don’t forget to wash your hair brushes. I didn’t even know that was a thing – but look at the state of that.”

The video has racked up 280,000 likes, and commenters couldn’t believe the results. 

“DO WE HAVE TO WASH EVERYTHING?” asked one shocked commenter, while another said: “Nooooooo way! I need to do this tomorrow.”

Another added: “Omg I’m buying a new hair brush and starting from scratch.”

Others, however, were stunned to learn that most people didn’t already know it’s essential to wash hair brushes. 

“PEOPLE DON’T WASH THEIR BRUSHES?!”, one viewer asked, and another said: “This confuses me that people didn’t know this. It’s the same as washing your makeup brushes.”

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