YouTuber wears THOSE Balenciaga platform Crocs for a week… with surprising results

At £685 for a pair, these divisive foam shoes certainly aren’t for everyone – but now one YouTuber has satisfied all our curiosities about these statement shoes.

LA-based beauty and fashion YouTuber Safiya Nygaard has vlogged her experience of wearing the eye-catching crocs for an entire week.

In a video that has been viewed almost four and a half million times, Safiya styles the hot pink shoes with everything from fishnet tights to neon orange trousers.

Despite being something of a Marmite fashion item, the Balenciaga crocs have only just come back into stock on luxury fashion websites after they were effectively an instant sell-out last year.

Safiya also films herself unboxing the luxury item as well as zooming on the millennial-approved avocado pin for her 4.8 million subscribers.

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Describing her experience of the impractical and bold platforms, Safiya said that she “felt like a kid playing dress up” and that there is definitely a “youthful feel to crocs”.

The ex-Buzzfeed YouTuber was also surprised by just how many compliments she got while wearing the shoes, which she says also made her feel like “Angelica from Rugrats”.

Unsurprisingly, the foam heels are impractical for everyday wear and Safiya struggled to pace the streets of LA in these “ridiculously fashionable” heels.

While the jury may still be out on whether crocs are a fashion friend or foe, we’ll just stick to the bog-standard £30 pair for now.

Watch the full video here.

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