You've been curling your hair all wrong – this is the everyday item your SHOULD be using instead…

CURLING tongs, rollers and even straighteners – when it comes to curling hair, there are more than a few choices on how to do it.

But now it's time to put your purses away, as one woman has found a novel way to use a SOCK to get perfect ringlets.

TikTok user Jackelyn Shultz suggests using the humble sock on damp hair and, after brushing, using it to curl the locks around.

After dividing her hair into two sections, Jackelyn places the toe of the sock at the highest point, by her ear, and begins twisting it around the rope of hair.

She keeps twisting, and twisting, until she reaches the bottom of the hair, at which point she pulls out the inside of the sock to place over the twisted hair to keep it in place.

Jackelyn repeats this process for the other side of her hair – once again twisting down from the toe – and leaves her locks like this overnight.

In the morning, she removes the socks to showcase her perfectly curled tresses, with anti-frizz serum the perfect conclusion to her homemade curling hack.

And Jackelyn was quickly praised for the clever trick, with one person commenting: "Wow that's awesome, gonna try. I have no curls so even a wave is a plus for me."

"BRB buying tube socks just for this," another person wrote.

While a third added: "Gorgeous! My aunt used to do it to my hair with rags! It's an old fashioned trick but socks are the perfect update!"

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