YSTRDY’s TMRRW Pays Homage to Grateful Dead in New Capsule

YSTRDY’s TMRRW has signed on psychedelic rock outfit Grateful Dead for a bold capsule that pays homage to the band’s rich legacy. The capsule includes a series of oversized long-sleeves and T-shirts, emblazoned with artwork from the band’s albums and concert posters.

One noteworthy piece is a white T-shirt printed with Grateful Dead’s iconic dancing bears motif, originally designed for the back cover of the 1973 album History of the Grateful Dead, Volume One. The artwork was drawn by Bob Thomas, inspired by Owsley “Bear” Stanley who recorded the LP. Five marching bears colored in purple, green, yellow, orange and red are placed across the upper chest, while the rest of the tee is kept clean. Another highlight is a black long-sleeve that boasts a stylized “Grateful Dead” logo at the chest, complete with a large artwork at the back. Other signature motifs, like the 13-point lightning bolt graphic, enliven the concise capsule.

YSTRDY’s TMRRW and Grateful Dead’s capsule will be available on August 8 on COVERCHORD’s website, ranging from $123 – $132 USD.

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