Zara’s £39 polka dot maxi dress is THE outfit of the summer – and it even has its own Instagram account – The Sun

A ZARA polka dot dress has become so popular that it has its own Instagram account after fashion fans, er, spotted it everywhere this summer.

The £39 viral frock has been snapped up by shoppers across the nation thanks to its uber flattering shape and pocket-friendly price tag.

As a result, it's been cropping up everywhere with the Instagram account Hot 4 The Spot documenting the frequent sightings of the piece.

The account, described as a “safe place for *the dress*" was set up by stylist Faye Oakenfull in May, and has already amassed more than 1,380 followers.

Faye asks users to send in their submissions before she posts them on the account which now has over 100 posts.

Her very first post was captioned “A glitch in the matrix” after she captured two dresses in one area.

  • Printed dress, £39.99, Zara – buy here

And this has turned out to be a common theme with as many as three of the trendy dresses been spotted in one public place.

Psychologist Lisa Orban says that the popularity of the dress can be explained by a desire to fit in.

She told Refinery29: “By acquiring and wearing a coveted 'it' item, we can quickly send a message of being 'clued in' or 'on trend'.

“If we wear something that is instantly likeable, interesting or popular, that becomes part of our own personal brand.”

Despite its popularity the dress is still available to buy in all sizes on the Zara website.

This is not the first sell-out item to be worthy of its own Instagram account.

Back in 2016, a £69.99 Zara coat was given a similar treatment, with its own account That Coat.

Londoner Alice Francis first documented the fashion epidemic when she spotted a woman wearing the Zara number during the Chelsea Flower Show.

After her first encounter with the coat, Alice began noticing it absolutely everywhere.

On her blog, she explained that she’d observed: “A blue and white printed coat worn by women all over London.  It’s as though they are in a secret club.

“And once you know you’ll start seeing it – sitting next to you on the tube, buying a Pret sandwich, sitting in the pew next to you at the wedding…”

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