Zodiac personalties: Which sign is the kindest, smartest and most honest?

WE all like to think of ourselves as amazing and we absolutely are, but some signs tend to be kinder, smarter and more honest than others.

Let's take a look at who'll you want to tell your deepest secrets to and who will definitely beat you at Candy Crush.

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One of a kind

Libra is one of kindest signs of the zodiac largely because they want all their friends to get along.

Their powers of perception mean that if they notice anyone getting the needle, they'll do everything they can to keep the peace and make sure the group feels comfortable.

The air sign will often go out of their way to make someone happy even if that means putting themselves last.

Of course, this doesn't bother them because really what they want overall is to make people smile.

Bright star

According to astrologers, the most intelligent zodiac sign is actually a toss up between Aquarius and Scorpio.

Aquarians tend to have the highest IQ levels and are great at analysing the status quo.

Scorpios, meanwhile, are more perceptive, being able to size up a person in no time. They make great detectives for this reason.

They'll definitely beat you at Candy Crush and won't mind telling everyone that they did it.

True grit

The most honest sign of the zodiac has to be Virgo. Loyal, hardworking and measured this earth maiden will keep all the secrets.

They're so detail-driven, they'll never stand you up and also make really great therapists because they tend to remember everything you tell them.

We all need a Virgo shoulder to cry on every now and again, just make sure you split the bill after dinner.

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